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“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris

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Time for #williamcarloswilliams helping us see the things deserving of appreciation; nature, growers, food, farming. It is revolutionary because of its simplicity. #poetry #ihavealwayslovedthispoem #ilovethispoem #poem #redwheelbarrow ...

Time to get your Writers Badge ! Take the @arvon__ Five Day Short Story Writing Challenge. Choose lines from books in your own library. Here are the five books I have chosen to do my Five Day Short Story....what books would you choose? #arvon #books #writing #challenge #writers #shortwrites #shortstories #fiction #wutheringheights #billhicks #observerbooks #waysofseeing #traditionalbritishcrafts ...

Cookery Badge alert! Spring means only one thing in our kitchen...Stinging Nettle Aloo! One of our and my lovely friend @lancaster_fifi faves. A tasty take on this Indian classic and that deep spinachy flavour of Sag Aloo. Nettles are abundant this time of year, and many are at their most tender, so it seemed perfectly natural to replace the spinach with chopped nettles. Make sure you wear gloves and take scissors to pick the nettles. Try not to grasp the stem as the hairs here are stronger and more likely to make their way through the gloves. Pick only the youngest leaves- I usually take the top of the plant off in one snip, then only pick the lower leaves if it is a very young plant. Here’s what we did: Par boil potatoes chopped into small(ish) chunks. Dry fry spices (I used cardamom seeds, Carraway seeds, cumin seeds, ground coriander, turmeric, and asfoetida) and then add a little oil with onions garlic and ginger then add potatoes to the pan and stir to coat. Meanwhile, boil/steam the nettles and then drain them before adding them to the frying pan. I also chopped them roughly using a pair of scissors, just to avoid longer stems being stringy. Fry the whole lot, stirring gently to ensure the potatoes don’t crumble. Add a squeeze of lemon, ikr? and serve x #nettles #aloo #indianspices @schumacher_kitchen @growers_schumacher #cookery #skills #kitchen #forage #wildfood ...

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